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Barroom Philosophers Present Their Finest Work

IMG_7692On February 3rd, the world was presented with a gem as Barroom Philosophers unveiled their self titled, full length album at the legendary Lost Horizon in Syracuse with a CD Release party that was packed with people, good vibes, and a shit ton of support from a growing legion of devoted fans. The whole room was electric with excitement and Barroom Philosophers performed a perfectly stellar set for their biggest supporters.



Photo Credit: Tom Fuzia

Photo Credit: Tom Fuzia

Opening the show was Big Sexy and The Scrambled Eggs. They are a newer band that delivers some very tasty psychedelic jam rock. They are booty shaking groove makers and I look forward to seeing more of them. They are starting to pick up some good gigs around the area, so be on the lookout! Check their Facebook page for current dates.




Barroom Philosophers hit the stage and delivered a spot on performance of their debut full length album, Barroom Philosophers, in its entirety. Read our review of this great CD HERE and if you don’t have a copy yet, get your hands on one, available at any BP show, iTunes, or Amazon.

It was a super charged celebration and they played an exceptional show. Every show is exceptional, but this was gold star memorable exceptional. Everyone in the room noticed as well. Something in the air that night! Bass player Tommy Dennis from the band, Boogie Low, join them for several numbers while BP bassist Ty Hancock would slide over to the keyboard. I admire the inter-changeability and camaraderie of these two bands. An FYI to you – if you ever see a venue advertising something dubbed the “Barroom Boogie,” you do not want to miss it. There will be plenty more discussion coming about these bands and the special little get down they throw every now and then.


IMG_7714I picked up on a few things in particular that night. If you read our review of their new album, at one point I referred to their sound as “Workingman’s Reggae.” Let me elaborate – I appreciate the fact that they can honor their love of reggae in their style, but they do it with a down to Earth delivery. I am as far away from Caribbean as one could be. I’m a schmuck that lives in the snow belt of a salt city. Guess what? So are Barroom Philosophers, and they don’t try to sell you on the silly notion that they are some group of Caribbean schmucks with a bad choice of habitat.


IMG_7610Secondly, seeing them perform the entire Barroom Philosophers disc live, I think I may have misjudged this band’s emphasis in my head. The album has a true commitment to the reggae style time and again, but seeing it live, I realize that is not their theme. It is only one aspect of a talent pool that is deeper than people expect. February 3rd, Barroom Philosophers ROCKED the living shit out of the Lost Horizon and they proved to me that they are a ROCK band at the core but they are a chameleon band to the extreme. They are are a rock band that loves reggae so much that they can fool you into thinking they are a reggae band when they want to. They also have a love affair with the blues that is so pure they could make you think they are a blues band at the center. But it doesn’t end there. After performing their new CD, Barroom Philosophers shared a 5 song barrage of brand new material that they just finished writing. These guys are on a creative high and it sounds to me like the chameleon is turning tie dyed. To me, the new songs have a little more of a spacey element to them, providing the music room to move about and leaving the window open to improv. Personally, I was introduced to BP at Sterling Stage and I like that they are allowing the music to move in an honest direction.


IMG_7634My 2 cents = Barroom Philosophers are on fire! They presented 5 brand new songs at the release party of their current album, and hinted toward a SECOND album release before the end of 2017! But enough jargon about where these guys are headed. Let’s get back to where they are at, which is at the release of their best work to date. Get out there, see a Barroom Philosophers show, pick up a copy of their new disc, and appreciate them on their way up the ladder! Stay up to date with them via their website or Facebook page.


Author:  George DiFabio

Photography:  Jerrie DiFabio

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Barroom Philosophers Present Their Finest Work Reviewed by on . On February 3rd, the world was presented with a gem as Barroom Philosophers unveiled their self titled, full length album at the legendary Lost Horizon in Syrac On February 3rd, the world was presented with a gem as Barroom Philosophers unveiled their self titled, full length album at the legendary Lost Horizon in Syrac Rating: 0

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