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Big Sexy Barroom Boogie and Waffles

It is a beautiful thing when you take an already perfectly awesome combination and throw in a third party wild card that brings the whole to another level. That’s what was up back on June 10th when Big Sexy and the Scrambled Eggs joined forces with Barroom Philosophers and Boogie Low at Syracuse’s Funk ‘n Waffles downtown. A Barroom Boogie is fun as hell, but a Big Sexy Barroom Boogie is off the charts!

Before I even begin talking about this show, I’d like to point out that this particular weekend had Syracuse Jazz Fest going on right down the road, as well as a couple of good area hippie fests a town or two away. All these choices for great live music, and yet these three bands still packed Funk ‘n Waffles. The energy was through the roof and both the crowd and the performers were feeding off of it.

Big Sexy and the Scrambled Eggs got the ball rolling and started right out of the gate with sweet love making music. It was slow and sassy, down and dirty bluesy rock. These guys have got a hell of a thing going on! They played a bluesy smooth cover of Smash Mouth’s “All Star” along with a pile of originals. Throughout their set they made it a sticking point that they can get as funky as they wanna be, proving they aren’t Big Sexy one trick ponies. Find them this summer on the festy circuit. You want some of these guys!

Sandwiched in the middle was Boogie Low and they started hard from the get go with the driving, environmentally conscious anthem “Mckenna.” They presented a collection of songs off of their self titled debut album, including “Colas in the Sky”, “Tommy’s Song”, “Marisa”, and “Elgin.” Each song came with some meaningful jamming and I couldn’t help but focus on bassist Tommy Dennis’ contributions to the night. He makes sweet love to the low end. It’s clear Boogie Low has been honing their craft. They even teased my favorite song, “Mexico”, before finishing their set with “Roots.”

Barroom Philosophers headlined this Big Sexy Barroom Boogie and reminded me why it is inevitable that these guys will be signed to a major record label before long. They are the TOTAL package. They are uber talented musicians that play cross genre music. They write amazing original songs. They have one great album out now and a handful of brand new material to fill a second. Barroom Philosophers put on one hell of a performance live and really know how to comprise a great setlist.

June 10th’s performance began with “Angel In My Pocket” followed by their hit radio single, “Peter Parker.” The third song of the evening was a new one named “Crystallized” and is hands down my favorite BP song to date. I know I always make mention of this song, but it is so damn good and has evolved into a masterpiece. The band really holds the crowd right in their hands for this one. It starts slow and ballady and then slams you straight into a Studio 54 dance party. It fills the crowd with booty shaking smiles and the reaction is amazing every time. I’m going to hold the line on my notion that they really need to raise a disco ball over the crowd for this one. That would finalize this live masterpiece.

Another newer song, “Inexcusable”, saw a disgusting awesome guitar solo from Sean, as well as Ty going off on the bass. One of the highlights of their show was some of the cover songs that they chose. “Gold On the Ceiling” from the Black Keys was a welcomed and unexpected choice. Toward the end of their set, they pulled out a really good version of “No Quarter” that every person in the band put a lot of soul into. One thing that I got a good chuckle out of was during the song “Digital Demise,” which is written about that exact subject, and the irony of seeing guitarist Sean Tallet bend down to control his electronic guitar effect pedals with his hands to supply a perfect spaceship crash landing sound effect.

The set that Barroom Philosophers comprised for this show had a perfect trajectory. Yet another reason these guys are going places. In the short term, you can catch your next Barroom Boogie on July 27th at Syracuse’s Funk ‘n Waffles downtown for their Salt City Spotlight, featuring Barroom Philosophers and Boogie Low. Shit, you can go ahead and consider upstatemusicandfood.com your Barroom Boogie Headquarters. We’ll keep you informed on where to find them!



Author: George DiFabio

Photography: Jerrie DiFabio

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Big Sexy Barroom Boogie and Waffles Reviewed by on . It is a beautiful thing when you take an already perfectly awesome combination and throw in a third party wild card that brings the whole to another level. That It is a beautiful thing when you take an already perfectly awesome combination and throw in a third party wild card that brings the whole to another level. That Rating: 0

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