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Great Food Hidden in the Ordinary

A review of Sake Bomb Japanese Steakhouse, located in Cicero,NY.

11796210_919383991441243_6386202769118991325_nSometimes the most ordinary looking restaurants turn out to be surprisingly great places to dine.  In fact from the outside of Sake Bomb you would never know how beautiful this restaurant is on the inside.  It has modern touches, low lighting and a blue glowing bar that draws you in.  The restroom alone will blow you away.



Love Potion

As soon as my family and I walked in the door, we were greeted and seated right away at the hibachi table.  It was a first time experience for the kids.  The table was clean, set and ready to go.  Karissa our waitress was on point.  While she went off to get our drinks I looked over the very extensive menu.  It’s loaded with lots of great choices along with a gluten free section.  There is so much variety that everyone will love something here. I wanted to try a few different things.  So I started off with a drink called Love Potion.  This drink was sweet and fruity with a light banana flavor.  A great start to the night.  Next I ordered a Sushi Appetizer. It consisted of 5 pieces of assorted sushi, chef’s choice, so I had no idea what I was getting.  I was excited to see what the chef would send out.



Sushi Appetizer

I ordered the Salmon Hibachi with Noodles for my dinner choice.  First up was the salad.  It was your basic salad with a ginger dressing.  The dressing was light and fresh, not over powering.  Then it came!  My sushi appetizer!  Beautifully plated was mackerel, yellowtail, salmon, tuna and striped bass atop sushi rice.  The fish was so fresh!  It was lush and sweet, it had a gentle ocean flavor.  The rice was cooked perfectly.  The wasabi was creamy and the pickled ginger was a perfect accompaniment.  Next we received our soup.  The soup was a veggie broth with some thinly sliced mushrooms and scallions. It was very flavorful and served piping hot.


Onion Volcano!


Then our chef Jason came out and started the show.  He set the table-top grill on fire to start it off.  He then went on to cooking fried rice and noodles.  The noodles, oh these noodles!  They were so full of flavor.  You got the teriyaki, the sake and the garlic flavor all in one bite.  They were cooked perfectly.  My husband had the fried rice and was nice enough to let me take a bite.  I have to say, they were a little on the bland side next to those noodles.  While we nibbled our noodles and rice, he cooked up the veggies.  He steamed broccoli, mushrooms, zucchini and finished with an onion volcano for show.  This was the second table-top fire, which adds some fun to the meal for the kids!  The veggies were

Salmon Hibachi with Noodles

Salmon Hibachi with Noodles

seasoned with the sake and teriyaki sauce and cooked perfectly.  No one likes a mushy veggie!  Added to the grill next was salmon, shrimp, chicken and steak.  We each received two shrimp as a pre-app to our hibachi dinners.  Then there was yelling, fire, the banging of knives, food being thrown into your mouth!  Fake empty bottles being squirted at you which made everyone laugh.  Especially when my 5 year old opened her mouth and nothing went in it.  Then he squirted sake into my husband’s mouth.  He made sure to include the kids and squirted water into their mouths.  It was great.  Very interactive, all while sautéing and seasoning our meat and fish.  We then received our food choices.  He sang a little, “Nah nah nah nah, Goodbye,” cleaned his grill, and rolled his cart back into the kitchen.  At this point you could hear a pin drop at our table as we all dove into our entrées.  I received two large pieces of salmon along with the teriyaki noodles and veggies.  It’s rare to get salmon in a restaurant that isn’t overcooked, but it was cooked perfectly.  You could taste the garlic, teriyaki and sake in the salmon.  It melted in your mouth.  It was so fresh.


To finish the night, I asked our waitress Karissa what she recommended we try for dessert.  She raved over the Tempura Bananas.  She also said the Mochi Ice Cream was popular.  So we ordered both.  .  They were beautifully plated.  First off I tried the Tempura Banana’s.  Freshness matters, but texture is the thing that makes or breaks a dish like this.  You got a satisfying crunch of the tempura, wrapped

Tempora Bananas

Tempura Bananas

around hot banana slices.  The bananas were still firm, not mushy.  Drizzled over the Tempura Bananas was warm honey.  In the middle of the dish was a nice cold whipped cream.  All together it made the perfect bite.  It has a natural sweetness from the bananas and the honey.  I recommend sharing.  I don’t think I could eat the whole dish by myself.  I next tried the Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream.  We choose the green tea flavor over the common strawberry, chocolate or vanilla.  If you like green tea ice cream and mocha rice cakes, you need to try these.  The textural combination of these two is out of this world!  Between the soft chewy cushion of the mocha rice cake and the creamy green tea ice cream, it’s a match made in heaven.  All in all, they were two great choices.  I will be going back soon.  We had a great time and the food was wonderful!  Next time – sushi night!


Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream

Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream

Be sure to try Sake Bomb, at 8081 Brewerton Road, Cicero.  It’s located right next to Target.

Find them on the web at

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Review by: Jerrie DiFabio

Great Food Hidden in the Ordinary Reviewed by on . Sometimes the most ordinary looking restaurants turn out to be surprisingly great places to dine.  In fact from the outside of Sake Bomb you would never know ho Sometimes the most ordinary looking restaurants turn out to be surprisingly great places to dine.  In fact from the outside of Sake Bomb you would never know ho Rating: 0
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