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The Only Game in Town

Dasher’s Corner Pub –

2 North Main Street – Homer, NY   13077 – (607) 299-4999


img_4581That’s right, I said it – the only game in town.  Dasher’s Corner Pub.  This place is something else.  The history alone of this pub/restaurant is so cool.  So my husband and I went down to Homer, NY to cover the Shotgun Wedding concert.  They were playing a show at Center for the Arts of Homer.  We decided to go down early and grab a bite to eat somewhere in town.  Wasn’t expecting much.  Homer is large but mostly farms.  The town itself is small.  Driving a couple blocks in town we see this place right on the main drag, Dasher’s Corner Pub.  We thought, “Why not?”  The place was packed!  Dinner time.  So we sat at the bar.  We were pressed for time so we didn’t order dinner.  We decided to go light.  HA!  We ordered “Build Your Own Bruschetta”, “Limoncello Shrimp”, The “Sizzling Potato Chip Platter w/ truffle oil & Parmesan cheese”, a Moscow Mule and Beer to drink.  WOW!!  The food packed a punch!!  The “Limoncello Shrimp” was light with the lemon flavor and creamy.  It wasn’t over powering.  You received five large shrimp on the plate.  Pretty filling.  And the “Sizzling Potato Chip Platter” so GOOD!  The chips where crisp, not greasy.  The truffle oil & Parmesan went perfectly with the chips.  Something as simple as “Build Your Own Bruschetta” was great.  It came with jumbo lump crab, mozzarella pearls, tomato-basil & a Tuscan bean dip that can go a top the toasted bread it came with.  The crab was fresh and tasted sweet.  Tomato-basil was fresh.  Great light meal.  Ha!  I was full for hours.  On to the show.


img_4560It was so good, I had to go back and do a review on this place.  A few days later I went back to Homer, NY to Dasher’s Corner Pub and met up with the owner, George Seibel.  Great guy!  Very laid back.  We sat and chatted and he gave me a little history lesson on Dasher’s.  The bar has been around since the 1800’s and the history attached to it is so neat. In 1894 there was and unsolved murder there.  Still unsolved to this day.  Later on in 1905 a new owner, Francois Dasher Cox took over.  This guy was a genius!  He worked up a plan to have a mail delivery plane pick up live lobsters in Boston and fly them back to Ithaca where he would pick them up and drive fresh lobster back to Homer.  His business did great until the 1960’s when they put in Interstate 81.  The traffic didn’t go through the town anymore so sadly they closed.  A few others took over the place but didn’t succeed.  In 2012 George Seibel came in and brought life back to the old building.  At the time he had a horse named Dasher.  So he felt it was only right to name the pub Dasher’s Corner Pub.  Bringing back the history of Francois Dasher Cox and of his beloved horse, Dasher.  When you enter the pub, if you look up you will see a beautiful painting of a horse, fitting of the place.  The pub is very rustic.  They really pulled out all the stops with this place to make it modern without losing the feel of old.  My kind of pub!  The art on the walls are butcher block boards with art burned in them by an employee that used to work at Dasher’s.  She since has moved on.  But she left a little piece of her behind for them to remember her by.



Dasher’s Famous Clam Chowder

Now onto the food.  The menu is simple and has a retro twist with lots of modern elements in it.  George created the menu solely with some input from his chefs.  I went at luch time.  George suggested I try their “Famous New England Clam Chowder” along with “The Cape Codder”.   WOW!  Just WOW!  The “Famous New England Clam Chowder” came out first.  I get why its Famous.  Before it came out, George was telling me how it was made to order.  I thought, “What?  Made to order?  How?  No way the potatoes will be tender enough.  Unless they are pre-made.”  NOPE!  Totally wrong.  The bowl came out and in the center of it was Dasher’s homemade mashed potatoes topped with some clams in a shell and beautiful white creamy chowder.  It was so creamy.  I have never had a chowder like this.  It had carrots, celery, bacon and they are not shy on the clams.  The mashed potatoes gave the chowder a thickness like porridge if you mixed them in.  I left it alone and would take a scoop of mashed potatoes and then some of the chowder.  Loved it!  I’ve been to Boston and tried all different kinds of chowder, this is right up there with the best of them for sure.  A must try in my book.


Dasher's Cape Codder

Dasher’s Cape Codder

Then came “The Cape Codder”.  It’s a hardy grilled cheese sandwich with chunks of lobster, tomatoes, green onion, and muenster cheese.  Perfect combination.  You know the age old saying, “never put cheese with seafood?”  Yeah BS.  The muenster cheese complements the lobster nicely.  Its mild flavor does not take away any of the sweet flavor of the perfectly cooked lobster.  The bread held up nice.  On the side was a cup of homemade “Tomato Bisque” and homemade chips and salsa.  Nice touch.  The “Tomato Bisque” takes you back to being a kid and dipping your grilled cheese in you tomato soup.  It was creamy and the flavor was nice.  The chips and salsa were a nice add if I could eat more.


img_4558Come hungry!  The portions are huge and very filling.  All I kept thinking was, “Wow, and this was only lunch.  I can’t imagine dinner!”  I can’t wait to go back. If I’m feeling seafood, I’ll go with a classic scallop dish and try the “Coquilles St. Jacques,” a nice little retro add to the menu. Maybe I’ll try a “Steak Diane”.  They run a fresh seafood special every day and on the weekends a fish and butcher shop special!  I was told when I come back that I need to try some dessert.  They have a local woman that comes in specifically to make the apple crisp.  George said “She makes the best in town”. I am looking forward to it! Besides dessert, Dasher’s locally sources as many ingredients as possible including produce and locally brewed beers.


img_4566Dasher’s Corner Pub – I would say its Great | Simple | Creative Food!  Take a nice fall drive and stop in for some food!  DO IT!!  You won’t regret it.  But make sure to call ahead for a reservation.  This place is packed for dinner.  Ask to see their bar menu – some great classic cocktails, flights of wine or beer, and I can vouch that they make a great “Moscow Mule!”


To read more about the building, history, or to see a current menu, please visit:


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img_4561Dasher’s Corner Pub

2 North Main Street

Homer, NY   13077

(607) 299-4999

The Only Game in Town Reviewed by on . Dasher's Corner Pub - 2 North Main Street - Homer, NY   13077 - (607) 299-4999   That's right, I said it - the only game in town.  Dasher's Corner Pub.  Th Dasher's Corner Pub - 2 North Main Street - Homer, NY   13077 - (607) 299-4999   That's right, I said it - the only game in town.  Dasher's Corner Pub.  Th Rating: 0
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